Port Sudan Map

Port Sudan (17N)

Port Sudan is the main seaport for the country of Sudan, handling most of that country’s external trade. Lying on the continent of Africa’s eastern coast on the Red Sea, Port Sudan is about 160 nautical miles southwest of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

Port Sudan was built in the early 20th Century to replace the traditional port of Suakin that had become choked with coral. Port Sudan lies on the shores of a gulf connected to the Red Sea by an 18-26 meter deep coral-free channel. In addition to its modern dock facilities, Port Sudan is home to an oil refinery and an international airport. Petroleum comes to the Port Sudan refinery from on-shore wells and an 850-kilometer pipeline to Khartoum that was finished in 1977.

Suakin has since become a ferry terminal to/from Jeddah, for migrant workers as well as for Haj in addition to being used for exports of livestock. The city centre of Port Sudan is developed by a grid scheme and in the middle is a beautiful market area. Overall Port Sudan is a very relaxed city.

The Sea Ports Corporation (SPC) is the port authority for Port Sudan. SPC was created in 1974 as an independent Sudanese maritime Body responsible for building, developing, and maintaining the country’s ports, harbors, and lighthouses.


Port Sudan is divided into three areas The North Quay which handles general cargos, the South Quay is dedicated to containers and RORO cargoes, whilst the Green Port is dedicated to bulk cargoes.

Major Shipping lines calling include MSC, Maersk, Messina, Hapag Lloyd, CMACGM, PIL, P&O, China Shipping, Rickmers Line, Conti Line, BBC, MUR Shipping amongst others.

The Ports of Bashayr 1 and Bashayr 2 are the oil export terminals located some 25km South of Port Sudan city. These are operated by Greater Nile Operating Company (GNPOC) and Petrodar Operating Company (PDOC) respectively.

Port Sudan Airport (IATA Code: PZU/ICAO Code: HSSP) is located approximately 15km from Port Sudan city. At present the airport serves purely as a domestic airport with future plans to fly directly to Cairo and Doha.